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Message from the President: Ryan Layton


Message from the President

What is your vision for education? The Alberta Teachers Association’s vision for public education is the following: “Public education provides students from all backgrounds with learning experiences to discover and develop their potential, their passions and their gifts, allowing them to make significant contributions to their communities.

Public education allows professional, highly educated teachers to provide students with a broad range of learning experiences in addition to the basic subjects of language arts, science, math and social studies. Public education presents students with opportunities to develop ingenuity, creativity, critical-thinking skills and a strong sense of citizenship.

Public education prepares learners for life. Vision for Public Education.” The Alberta Teachers' Association. Retrieved from www.teachers.ab.ca/Public%20Education/Vision%20for%20Public%20Education/Pages/default.aspx.

In order to effectively implement technology in our classrooms we need to have an established vision on how technology will enhance or augment the learning experience. There is no doubt that students can be engaged by the use of technology but deciding on when and how that technology should be used can be a difficult decision.

I suggest the use of the TPACK model. 

This model considers your technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and content knowledge and how this knowledge interacts. It is important to note that there is no single combination of each of these elements that will work for each teacher in each situation, rather each classroom, group of students or school community require a different approach. I invite all teachers to familiarize themselves with this model as they work with technology in their learning environments. Please visit: http://matt-koehler.com/tpack2/tpack-explained/


Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by tpack.org


Ryan Layton

President, Educational Technology Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association

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